Anna Sophia Stein

Anna Sophia Stein

Master’s Student

Anna is a Master’s student in Linguistics with a special interest in computational linguistics and psycholinguistics. She completed her undergraduate studies in linguistics at Heinrich Heine University (HHU) in 2023 and is presently pursuing her Master’s degree in linguistics.

Since 2021, Anna has worked at the Modeling lab (SLaM Lab) at HHU, as a research assistant. Her primary research within the lab centers on the examination of how probabilistic measures impact speech production, with a particular focus on reduction effects. She also takes on a variety of other roles, including the maintenance and enhancement of the lab’s website in collaboration with Akhilesh and she is actively engaged in website administration tasks and provides technical support, including guidance on the High-performance-computing system at HHU.

Throughout her coding journey, Anna has consistently developed tutorials and open-source resources on various subjects, specifically tailored for individuals with little to no prior knowledge. She has also contributed to her field as a teaching assistant for seminars in the area of digital humanities and programming, with a special emphasis on catering to linguists and humanities scholars.

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