Vittorio Ciccarelli

Vittorio Ciccarelli

Master’s Student

Vittorio is a Master’s student in Linguistics, with a special interest in computational linguistics and pragmatics. He is an active member of the SLaM Lab and he currently works as a Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter for both the Linguistics department and the Anglistik department at Heinrich Heine University (HHU).He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, and his Bachelor’s thesis focused on the development of socio-pragmatic competence in Italian-speaking learners of German as a second language.

Currently, Vittorio is engaged in several research projects. He is examining ways to computationally detect differences between dialects of Spanish through the analysis of Spanish-language corpora under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kevin Tang. Additionally, he is assisting in creating stimuli and running pilots for a project regarding (A)symmetries, led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jacopo Romoli.

Vittorio is also one of the organizers of the SLaM Lab’s presentation at the Nacht der Wissenschaft, which takes place in September.

His linguistic interests include natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics, pragmatics, natural language inference (NLI), and the use of NLP for social science purposes.