Laboratory Phonology

Dr. Christopher Geissler, Summer 2023, Course Catalog

Course Description

Laboratory Phonology is the approach to studying phonology–the sound patterns in language–by using experiments. In this course, we will be particularly interested in answering questions about phonology using data from phonetics.Students will work together to conduct an original experimental study. Throughout the course, students will work collect data, analyze the data, and interpret results.By the end of the course, students will:- gain experience working together on a complex project- formulate a hypothesis and empirical predictions- design and implement an experimental protocol- analyze data using appropriate software, e.g. Praat, R- visualize data- interpret the hypothesis in light of the resultsStudents will finish the course with a proposal that can be developed into an AP paper if they so choose. After the class period, students will have the option to meet regularly with each other and with the instructor as they write their papers.